Experts in Sterile Compounded Solutions
JCB is registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facility. Registration with the Food and Drug Administration for compounding pharmacies is voluntary and all registered facilities are subject to FDA inspections.


Quality is our priority. All of JCB's products are prepared in a state-of-the-art clean room environment. JCB's clean room meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for the preparation of sterile products.

JCB has recently completed the installation of clean room continuous monitoring systems.  This technology gives JCB the ability to see problems before they happen and correct them before a potentially disastrous event occurs.  

While we are proud of our extreme measures to ensure sterile quality, JCB also recognizes that walls and filters alone do not create a quality sterile product. Strict aseptic technique and processes are key factors in preparing sterile products. JCB's lead aseptic training pharmacist taught aseptic processing at the university level and in the private sector.  He is one of only a few pharmacists in the United States with this experience and background.