Experts in Sterile Compounded Solutions
JCB is registered with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facility. Registration with the Food and Drug Administration for compounding pharmacies is voluntary and all registered facilities are subject to FDA inspections.

Pharmaceutical Research Services

Sterile Product Development

  • Aseptic filling
  • Sterilization
  • Batch Compounding
    • Multiple Vial Sizes
    • Syringes
    • Bags
    • Your Custom Delivery Device
  • Drug Master Formulas
    • Detailed Procedure of Entire Compounding Process
    • Detailed Lot Specific Records
    • Product name/ID
    • Medication strength
    • Medication form
    • Medication volume
    • Detailed Tracking of all API

Custom Labeling

  • JCB has the capabilities to tailor multiple labels to suit your needs
    • Primary labeling
    • Secondary labeling

Custom Packaging

  • Kitting
  • Variety of closure formats
  • Tamper evident packaging available

Analytical Services

  • State-of-the-Art Instrumentation
  • HPLC, GC, GC-FID, GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, FTIR, UV-Vis, Polarimeters, ELISA, Genetic Analyzer, Thermal Cyclers, Luminometers
  • Quality Control Data for Documentation and Validation
  • Analytical Method Development and Validation
  • Stability and Degradation Studies
  • Wet Chemistry/Compendial Testing
  • GLP/cGMP Compliant Testing
  • Dissolution
  • Particulate Matter


  • Sterility Testing and Bacterial Identification
  • Endotoxin Testing
  • Bioburden/Microbial Limits
  • Sterilization Validation Testing
  • Bacteriostasis/Fungistasis
  • Preservative Effectiveness Testing
  • Microbial Assays (Antibiotics)